HMG work- group

Therefore, The company decided after intensive discussions and deliberations among the members of the virtual gathering to establish a working group, that works independently of the Virtual Gathering main company, but there is a link between them in terms of the presence of members between the two groups, so the members of the hot money group will automatically join the main virtual gathering group, while the main virtual gathering group members can’t join the hot money group only after confirming the financial ability of the member who wishes to join the hot money group.

Hot Money’s-Group- features :

  • Attracting, offering and exchanging opportunities and quick deals semi-ready and lacking only liquidity for implementation among members of the group.
  • The speed of deliberation and the decision to enter or not among the members of the group through a system of fast voting.
  • Reduce risk by entering several partners who share the required capital and enjoy profits, albeit few.
  • Enter into several opportunities and deals at any time and in any place due to the harmony of the members of the group and the strength of the links between them.
  • The right to withdraw from the membership of the group at any time without any justification and without any consequences to the member because we apply the concept of "Virtual" here as well as in the main virtual Gathering.

Very important notes

* The hot money working group, despite the presence of experienced members and experts in various fields and have all the skills, the risk remain exists and the entry into any transaction or the opportunity of a decision remains under the member’s responsibility.

* The trade in general and life in particular as well as the group of hot money does not have anything assured and sure that your expectation to achieve profits must be followed by the expectation of a loss at any time, you must be prepared to accept loss if you get exactly as you accept for profit.

To join the Hot Money Working Group, please register your mobile number below and you will receive a activation code (verification code), enter it in the custom box, and then you will go to the registration page of the application to join.

Registration Steps

First Step

member's capital shall

member's capital shall

The member's capital shall not be less than 500 thousand Saudi Riyals or its equivalent in other currencies..

Second Step

required data

required data

Verify the validity of the required data when registering.


third Step

review the data.

review the data.

Make sure to receive a call with one of our customer service representatives to review the data..

fourth Step

terms and conditions document

terms and conditions

After downloading the application and accepting the terms and conditions ...


Five Step

financial ability..

financial ability.

Ability to prove your financial ability..

Six Step

data inaccurate...

data inaccurate..

VGHMG has the right to refuse your application if your data is inaccurate

To join

Please register your mobile number below and you will receive a activation code (verification code) enter it in the custom box, and then you will go to the registration page.

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