Membership of VG

VG membership is given to owners of ideas and money who have a common interest and wish to offer or participate in financing opportunities.

Application VG

The creation of a virtual group of virtual members who don’t know each other is not easy. In the first stage, we will begin to collect the data of the members who wish to join through a form that contains a number of very important questions and queries. These models will be sorted to select the members that fit their abilities and experiences. Then communicate with them to confirm that the data is correct before joining the virtual group and then the member will be able to download “VG” mobile application to activate its registration and start to participate with the rest of the members.

A financial budget must be available to any person who wishes to join the virtual group with a minimum amount of SR500,000 or its equivalent in other currencies for accepting the registration request. There is no way or measure to determine the seriousness of any member wishing to join except through the extent of his financial commitment to finance a project approved by some or all members of the group, so please pay attention when you register your data to ensure the accuracy of the answers in order to complete your request.

You can imagine that by joining the virtual group you will have tens of millions of dollars available in addition to dozens of advisors and nominees for you free of charge in a non-binding virtual environment without the need for banks or opinions of consulting companies , without obligation or obligation except when there is a distinct opportunity adopted by members of the Virtual Gathering.

Important Notes:

  • • The "virtual counter" on the home page reflects the real capital that was monitored by the members of the group before you joined us.
  • • We are sorry to accept the registration application for the membership of the virtual group of any person whose financial ability is less than 500 thousand Saudi riyals or its equivalent in other currencies.
  • • You will find a special box in the registration application for the reference number (code) You can provide us with your own code to give it to someone else nominated by you to enter the membership of the group to ensure that you explained the idea and also to know that he joined us from you by recommending him and to get your luxurious gift.
  • • Once you have downloaded the VG application, you will be able to read and sign the terms and conditions document electronically. Please make sure that you read it before signing it and we will update it as necessary.
  • • Messaging via VG is the method used to communicate between the members of the virtual group and your mobile number is your only way to join the group.
  • • Please note that it is strictly forbidden to collect or transfer money or any bank transactions by any of the members without a logical reason. We disclaim our liability if any of the members do so. Any financial order must have formal arrangements and terms directly related to an approved transaction or project Among members

Registration Steps

First Step

member's capital shall

member's capital shall

The member's capital shall not be less than 500 thousand Saudi Riyals or its equivalent in other currencies..

Second Step

required data

required data

Verify the validity of the required data when registering.


third Step

review the data.

review the data.

Make sure to receive a call with one of our customer service representatives to review the data..

fourth Step

terms and conditions document

terms and conditions

After downloading the application and accepting the terms and conditions ...

Five Step

data inaccurate...

data inaccurate..

VG has the right to refuse your application if your data is inaccurate

To join

Please register your mobile number below and you will receive a activation code (verification code) enter it in the custom box, and then you will go to the registration page.

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