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What is the available partnership options? The only option available to you to deal with the premise of your entry as a founding partner is either to accept or reject the offer that will be received later upon receipt of your request for the preferred stock according to the mechanism will be explained later, With my respect to all the norms and standards that known in the world of business and finance, what I put forward is a different direction and I see it is distinctive and effective for those who read between the lines, in the recent while when I started to launch the idea of "Virtual Wallet " and took opinions of several people, unfortunately, I saw nothing but irony and frustration, but god helped me and if I didn’t have the financial, spiritual power and solid will, I wouldn’t never got the idea of a virtual Gathering from an idea to an officially established business entity.

Preferred stocks? The remaining 50 preferred stock have been named as Preferred stocks in order to contain value added once it gets by the Co- founder , This means that it will be directly profitable shares because of its relevance to a profitable product, It is an integrated business incubator centers started in the city of Riyadh, as a first stage of multiple stages upward, knowing that the company of its name authorized to enter into various investments. Back to the center of the main virtual Gathering company in Riyadh, which is a group of offices with areas of services and meeting rooms contains all the needs of pioneers and business leaders to perform their work, These offices will be leased to them, as well as benefiting from the other possibilities of the Center from booking meeting rooms, hosting conferences and courses to other related services

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