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About Coworking Center

VG is a well-designed place for business owners. It is designed specifically for freelancers, remote workers, small business owners and other independents who have a common working environment with a distributed work space system based on membership with different systems and multiple features..

You will find in the working environment different cultures that allow you to share ideas and communicate effectively and positively with each other, We enable you to take advantage of the business incubator potential from the innovative environment, intellectual capital and highly equipped facilities. You will also find the ideal atmosphere at work and this is sought for by freelancers and other freelancers who work remotely.

How To Find Us

Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Gada, Saudi Arabia (soon)

Al Damam, Saudi Arabia (soon)



Unlimited Access

Aliquam ac mi et Choose the time frame that suits you best to accomplish your projects and your team with the highest quality in your office space without rushing.

Fast Internet

We provide you unlimited Internet at high speed to accomplish your tasks without any delay due to poor communication.

Conference Rooms

Aliquam ac mi et Luxurious conference and meeting rooms with Modern equipment for your presentations.

Online Memeber Base

A searchable database by members of the virtual assembly.

Printing Galore

Print and photocopy service for your project files and documents with the latest scanning printers.

Physical Mailbox

Aliquam ac mi et Experts and consultants for you around the clock to answer your inquiries and requests.


Aliquam ac mi et The perfect types of beverages and food on a daily basis in order to meet your needs.

Social Media

Aliquam ac mi et Opportunities to enhance your social relationships by mixing with different people in an appropriate work environment.


Open Space

Flexible seating in our open space.
  • WiFi
  • Printer, Scanner, Fax
  • Coffee


Dedicated Desk

Dedicated to you and your team.
  • WiFi
  • Printer, Scanner, Fax
  • 6 hours of free conference room / month


Private Office

Coworking, but with a door.
  • WiFi
  • Printer, Scanner, Fax
  • Kitchen with a fridge, coffee, & tea


Get the franchise in your country

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Access to franchise rights

  • Due to the company's desire for expansion and presence locally, regionally and internationally, it was decided to adopt the concept of excellence due to standard operating procedures and operating standards unit by operators located in their countries who have a passion for the idea and the way the company works.
  • Where the option was either to expand independently through the opening of branches or give the rights of operation and management to others with administrative skills and financial capabilities and the ability to operate efficiently to ensure the quality of work and services.
  • We welcome all those who have the enthusiasm and the serious desire to run our trade mark, and adopt our system of work in his region where we are happy to start new horizons and walk the path together on the basis of all earns.
  • Please register your data if you wish to obtain rights to operate the Virtual Investment Consortium franchise and we will contact you to provide you with all details.