"Reduce risk and share opinions of others" A phrase that is repeated and heard a lot in the world of commerce ... But with VG you will practice it yourself and will adopt it as a way of life and a daily pattern that brings you peace of mind.

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When it comes to entrepreneurship, it is about us ... We have investment opportunities, business experts and common workspaces. The first steps start here, VG with you at all stages of your project.

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Achieving great things for any business requires the effort of a team of several people, where it cannot be accomplished by one person alone.
- Steve Jobs - founder of Apple

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From the name of our official company (the Virtual Gathering Investment Company) can know our activity, we combine the concrete reality and creative imagination, We are a unique intellectual force, we are a powerful financial force, we are a virtual gathering in its form but a real gathering in its performance We provide you with a wide range of intellectual and creative spaces. At the same time, it provides you with a variety of ground areas, offering you everything you need in the business world, investment ideas, office space, and consultancy.


With us and through us only you can sail and start in the world of business and money with confidence and risk almost non-existent where you can put your hand with a group of distinguished members who joined you to be part of the system operates in an unconventional way to serve you whether you are an investor wants to finance business opportunities distinctive and studied or have what is distinctive And would like to offer it to investors who have a capital ready for immediate access.


To expand locally and internationally through the opening of incubator centers working in the same way and the system of the work of the assembly of the virtual investment either by self or through partners seeking to share our success to proceed in the way of joint achievements and exchange views together to provide ideas and innovative products in the system of entrepreneurship and be a base and reference for investors locally and internationally .


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A reliable partner in the business system, we provide you with everything you need in the business field
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A working group independent of the main assembly Dealing with various investments and opportunities
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Business Incubators

VG co working space seeks to provide investors with business support and business success by providing work ... read more

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We fund various ideas, projects and special deals after filtering them and choosing the best ones and our advantages for many financing agencies. Taking the decision and responding to what is presented to us or not takes a short time.

Support and development

Through our approved partners, we provide economic consultancy and feasibility studies for all projects offered for investment by the members of the Virtual Gathering as well as the pioneers and business leaders to reduce the risk ratio of these projects and we support the development of your business and provide all kinds of support required by these works.

Leading Businesses

We provide unprecedented opportunities for the owners of distinctive investment ideas through direct financial and logistical support and we enter as a sponsor partner for any innovative and promising project that we adopt and adopt after studying economically.

Facilitate business

Our business incubators offer office space to suit your project size, including all the amenities, logistics, internet, caféshop and many more. We also offer consulting services and financing opportunities if office tenants want to take advantage of them.

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