"Millionaire under construction"

The novel "The Beginning: A Millionaire Under Construction" by the Saudi writer Salem Al-Masrahi. The novel is one of the biographies.  The novel, through 226 pages, reviews many of the life situations and human experiences experienced by the author Salem, who came from the field of engineering to invade the world of literary writing in light of his awareness of the role
Which is played by the economics of knowledge, and the need to benefit from the diversity of cultures and openness through the daily interaction between the reality of his career in some Arab and European countries and America, and between the problems facing Arab youth in light of the reality of a world full of challenges.

Through his novel, the author presents the essence of his experience in overcoming difficulties and exploiting opportunities by adapting the possibilities to hard work.
It should be mentioned that the novel "The beginning .. millionaire under construction", by Eng.Salem , reveal many social misconceptions in the Arab environment, and open the door towards correcting the mental image wrong in the Arab reader of satisfaction and satisfaction and share and division and determination and seeking and ambition and wealth and others Of concepts.

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